At Unix Imports Ltd, we spend a lot of time and money developing brads. We believe that the products we represent need to be marketed and promoted intensively to do well in the Canadian market. We don't think it's fair to just take the product from the supplier, get the store owners to purchase it, and then sit down and wait for it to sell.


We believe in a hands-on aproach to maketing and selling wine. Our strategy is simple: we get people to see the wine, we get people to try the wine and we get the industry experts to recomend it. Check out below to see how we acomplish all of this. Click here to check out pictures from different events. Click here to check out our calendar for incoming events.

Wine Festivals

We have instore sampling events every Friday and Saturday. This is a great way to get the customers to try the products we represent before they buy. To see which store we will go to next please check our calendar.


We are one of the exhibitors at all the major wine festivals in Alberta. This is a great way to get clients to try the products we represent. To see which festival we will go to next check out our calendar. For pictures from previous events click here

One of the best way to promote the wine and give back to the comunity is to participating in various fundraisers. To see which fundraiser we will go to next check out our calendar. For pictures from previous events click here. 

In-Store Sampling
Wine Competitions

Traditional marketing like magazine advertising remains one of the most important way to get your products know. We advertise in a couple of magazines across Alberta and we make sure we are included in the store flyers when we have a promotion.

Magazine Advertising

We enrole our products in wine competitions across Alberta. We have products of the best quality and the best way to highlight that is by winning wine competitions. That is what makes experts in the industry notice the wine and further recomend it to clients.

How we build a


Customers taste the wine
Customers see the wine
Industry experts recomend the wine

As people spend more and more time online, marketing has evolved to include other platforms: facebook, youtube, pinterest, online adds. We take online advertising very serioussly,  and we spend a considerable amount of time and money to make sure the products we represent have a great online presence.


Online Marketing

Branded handouts, t-shirts, wine or shot glass, gift bags, etc. - coming soon....


Marketing Materials

We want our products to have the best POS advertising possible. We make sure when possible to have the wine upfront, close to the till , with shef toppers and box toppers to make the wine visible.


POS Advertising

Coming soon...

Bilboard Advertising

 Coming soon....




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