As an importer our scope is to look for the best products in the world and brind them to Canada. We support small independent producers, who have dedicated their entire lives to learn the art of winemaking.


We are often going off the beaten path to bring you trully unique products. We only represent products that are made with respect to the environment. We currently import wine from Europe, from coutries like Moldova, Spain and Italy. For a complete list of products please check out below: 




The newest product represented by Unix Imports in Canada is SpritzOne. It's produced by Moletto Italy in the province of Trevisto in Mota de Livezza. The Moletto winery is a close-knit team, the way only a family can be, guided by enthusiasm and a sense of entrepreneurship, but without ever losing contact with its roots - those that extend deep into the land and require dedication, care, passion and hard work. The ones known as “wine culture”, the gift the land bestows on those capable of cherishing, preserving and respecting it. For more information please visit:

Moldova - Garling Collection 

Our Moldovian Wine is part of  Garling Collection. The wines are produced and bottled in one of the four wineries Ciumai, Trifesti, Ceba and Ungheni. With a natural color and an amazing flavor, these wines offer a great pair to your dish. Take your time and savour these wines in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

For more information on the Garling Collection wine visit


Rubin Stradivari 

Red Dessert


Lonely Shaman 

White Semisweet


Lonely Shaman 

Red Semisweet

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Spain - Vega Demara

Our Spanish Wine comes from Mateos de la Higuera family vineyard. They have been dedicated to wine growing for over sixty years. Their philosophy is to obtain the best grape quality. They elaborate wine with grapes grown solely on their vineyard. They export their product to countries in Europe, China, Brazil, United States and now Canada. They combined their parents and grandparents traditions with the new knowledge and techniques offered by the current technology, attaining the perfect balance. For more information please visit:


Vega Demara

Selecction 2006


Vega Demara

3 Months Barrel 2010

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Italy - SpritzOne 

For information on where to purchase our wine in Alberta please check out

North America - Coming soon
South America - Coming soon

We are always looking for new products to add to our portfolio. If you are a wine or liquor producer and you are looking for an agent in Canada please click here. To find out more about what sets us apart from other agencies please check out our marketing page



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